Travis and Pat

Travis Justice and Pat Campagna first visited Tuscany in 2009 when they took their families for a two week holiday.   In their minds, they never left!  Ask their wives and they will tell you Tuscany and Italy are now a part of everyday conversation.   They both have returned several times which leads to more topics for conversations.  One night, while enjoying a bottle of Chianti Classico, they decided to share their stories with the world.  Just like that, Total Tuscany was born!

Pat's last name will tell you that he is the Italian in this duo.   Pat is the planner, the chef and the keeper of details.  A psychic once told Travis that he lived out 86 previous lives in Tuscany.  That's a good enough connection for him! Travis is the driver (Pat can't drive a stick-shift), the photographer and the storyteller. 

There is so much to share and still so much to learn!  Enjoy Total Tuscany and feel free to reach out to us for advice, suggestions or just to say hi.