Episode 17: Cool Tours of The Tuscan Countryside

We have said it once and we will keep repeating ourselves, there is so much to see in Tuscany that spending even two weeks there will not satisfy your craving.

A Couple of weeks ago we talked to Rick Zullo as he was taking his blog tour through Italy.  During his top in Tuscany he called on the services of Anna Madaffari who runs Cool Tours By Anna.   Rick couldn't have been more impressed with Anna as his Tour guide and after you hear her talk you will understand why.
Anna is not originally from Tuscany but when she visited Florence as a student she fell in love like most tourists do. Her first job was in the Chianti region where she perfected her knowledge of wine.  The more she learned, not just about wine but about Tuscany the more she wanted to share.
Six years ago, Anna started Cool Tours and the rest as they say his history.  In this podcast, find out Anna's favorite areas of Tuscany.  When it comes to exploring the countryside, how much time do you really need?  And where to eat? There so many choices...Anna makes it easy to decide.  Her personality really shines in this interview, you will want to hire her on your next trip!
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