Episode 45: Tuscany By Ferrari: Florencetown Tours

February 13, 2016
Is there anything cooler than a Ferrari? When you think of superb Italian design, speed, sophistication, and something you just want to experience; owning or even driving a Ferrari is on the list.

A brand new Ferrari can cost upwards of $400,000, maybe even more! When sitting down to write this post I started doing some basic research on Ferrari's and I think a post on Truecar.com sums it up much better than I can.

Ferrari models are built with speed and performance thanks to the company's racing background. Today's Ferrari cars are lauded as "supercars" and use the famous prancing horse symbol and signature "race red" color. Ferrari car prices are notoriously expensive as Ferrari caters to the upper echelon of consumers.

For the majority of us, the closest we will ever get to a Ferrari is at a car show where we are allowed to look, but not touch. Well, that is about to change. We've had Urbano Brini on the Total Tuscany podcast several times talking about his company, Florencetown Tours.  We have experienced several of the companies outings have given all of them 5-stars. Urbano is a brilliant marketer who listens to the wants and needs of his customers and is constantly looking for new ways to provide tourists an authentic experience in Tuscany.

Tuscany by Ferrari. A tour new in 2016 to the Florencetown line-up for travelers and tourists. Here's how the experience is described on the Florencetown website.

Strap in and start your engine! You’re in control; it’s time to hit the road along vineyards and olive groves. After the adrenaline subsides, relax and unwind in the heart of Chianti Classico wine region. Stop in a local medieval village for some pictures, and then enjoy the guided visit to a fascinating winery with its ancient cellars to learn the secrets of wine and olive oil production. At the end of the exciting drive, a traditional Tuscan lunch will be served with wine tasting at our boutique winery.

We have enjoyed the Tuscan lunch and wine tasting on the Florencetown Vespa Tour of Chianti, it's amazing!

A Ferrari driving experience isn't the only new tour for 2016; as I mentioned earlier, Urbano is listening to customers, and the feedback he keeps getting is from more thrill seekers.  That's you can now go "off-roading" on previous off-limits areas of Tuscany or how about a helicopter ride from Florence to Siena to check out an aerial view the Tuscan landscape? 

What started ten years ago as a couple of guys offering bike tours around Florence has grown into a company that prides itself on offering exceptional excursions in Florence and around Tuscany that focus on the customer experience and the service and attention each client gets. There's a Rick Steeves has recommended Florencetown in his travel guide five straight years.

Enjoy this podcast and get ready to start your engine as you begin to plan your first or next trip to Tuscany! 

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