Episode 37: Lost In Florence

That's an a very good question and one I wish we had an easy answer to give you. It's been almost two months since our last podcast and for us it seems like even longer. When we got back from Tuscany in March things were moving at a rapid pace and time just got away from us. Did we have a Tuscany hangover? I don't know if I would call it that, maybe it was a deep depression of not being able to spend more time in Tuscany and see more people and places. In the last couple of months, we have produced some videos from our trip and we encourage you to watch them for ideas of what to so when you visit Tuscany.

We are excited to get back at it with a brand new podcast with a lovely person, Nardia Plumridge publishes the website "Lost In  Florence." A native of Australia, Nardia has been living in Florence since 2010 her website captures the essence of what Florence is all about, art, craftsmanship, authenticity. She describes it best as the following comes from her website.

The slightly hidden, less touristic, more authentic discoveries: wine bars, café joints and places for the perfect meal; artisan shops, boutique hotels and much more. Whether you live in Florence or are visiting for a few days, Lost in Florence has many discoveries waiting just for you. 

This year we are expanding to include cities outside Florence but with the same philosophy: boutique and unique offerings to discover the true essence of a city. Often the best travel experiences we have are when we take that little back street and get lost... in the most adventurous sense. This website is an alternative travel place to gather the right information for you to plan your perfect stay... plus meet some local artisans on the way.

Nardia does a great job come capturing what we all want when we think about and visit Tuscany, the authenticity of the region that has so much history. 

I'm not going to lie, there are plenty of tourist traps in Florence and things that look authentic really aren't. It's easy to get caught up in the moment and the atmosphere and buy a souvenir from a street vendor or market only to find what you purchased was "NOT" made it Florence.

The artistic authenticity you are looking for in Florence, and all around Tuscany is there, but you have to look for it. In fact, you may just have to get "lost" to find exactly what you want. 

Let Nardia be your guide, listen to this podcast for great tips and tricks. Stay up to date with here latest finds by going to her website on a regular basis. You can also follow "Lost in Florence" socially: 

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