Episode 57: Finding The Perfect Place To Stay

Of all the things that can make or break your holiday in Tuscany, or anywhere for that matter it is where you rest your head every night. There are a million stories on the internet of people finding a great deal online and then show up after already paying money in advance only to realize they got ripped off or sold something that didn't resemble the pictures on the online.

In the latest edition of the Total Tuscany Podcast, we welcome back one of our most trusted partners who we have been working with for almost ten years now. Mario Scalzi from Parker Villas. Mario has been a guest on the podcast several times before and offers a wealth of knowledge on the latest trends in traveling not just to Tuscany but all of Italy.

You might be thinking is a villa right for me? Mario is open and honest about what makes sense and what doesn't. The sweet spot for Parker Villas is groups of 8 to 12 and even higher. So if you are traveling with just you and a couple of friends, a hotel or hostel might be the road you want to go down. Airbnb and VRBO are also options but again you have to be careful about what you are paying for and what your expectations are.

What makes Parker Villas unique and a company you can trust is that all their properties are exclusive. This means the property you are paying or is not getting brokered like a commodity all over the internet. Mario or members of his staff personally inspect all the properties throughout the year. Parker Villas also has staff in Italy just in case you run into any problems and need help.

What makes Parker Villas stand out the most to us is the level of customer service. Every time we have rented from them we felt like they truly had a vested interest in our entire trip. For many of you going to Tuscany and Italy is once in a lifetime so you want to make sure you have a "friend" by your side.

All of the properties that Parker Villas rents combines Italian charm and history with American amenities. Such as air conditioning, an equal number of bathrooms to bedrooms, and more little things we have come to expect when traveling.

You will find this podcast informative, entertaining, and enlightening. Are you ready to take that trip to Tuscany? Join this fall on our next Total Tuscany Experience. Or if you already have a trip planned but need help with your itinerary and finding things off the beaten path we are here to help on a consulting basis. Just email us at info@totaltuscany.com to get started.



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