Episode 77: Too Good To Be True? The 1-Euro Home In Italy!

If you believe all the news stories and headlines, buying a house for as low as 1-euro in Italy is simple. But is it? 

We have been doing this podcast for several years now. We travel to Italy (when there’s not a pandemic) yearly. I would say it’s our goal to have a home or an apartment in Tuscany someday.

But where do you start? Who do you turn to? Well, our guest on this edition of the Total Tuscany Podcast knows a thing or two about purchases homes and real estate in Italy. 

Chris Sobolev operates the website Super Savvy Travelers with her husband, Chris. 

They fell in love with Italy a couple of years ago, started buying property, and now it’s their mission to people like you and me do the same. 

Property in Tuscany is SUPER expensive. That’s not a surprise as Tuscany is the most popular region in Italy.  Chris and Pete and settled in by the sea in Calabria. It’s cheap, beautiful, and provides easy access to other parts of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. 

You find or interview with Chris both enlightening and educational. After listening to it, you might be ready to start the process of making your dreams of an Italian home come true! 

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