Episode 79: Discovering Sicily

Italy is open for business. 

The Covid-19 pandemic of the last year and a half has crushed travel and tourism in Italy. We've shared the stories of hardship on previous podcasts. 

There is hope on the horizon. Slowly but surely, people are returning, including the co-publisher of Total Tuscany, Pat Campagna. Pat recently spent close to a week and a half exploring his family roots.  The name Campagna is a dead giveaway that he's Italian.  But not from the mainland. On this trip, Pat skips out on Tuscany and enjoys the island life of Sicily. 

In this episode of the Total Tuscany Podcast, Pat is the guest on his own show. We go in deep on what it's like to travel with current Covid restrictions and testing. What's the difference between Sicily and Tuscany?  Where there are several, but there are also similarities. 

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