Total Tuscany Episode 80: Pasta Mike

Italy can be therapeutic.  People from all walks of life flock to Italy for all sorts of reasons. We've never met a person who left the country and didn't say to themselves, wow! That's the way life should be. 

Andrew Cotto recently returned from Italy, where he was on a three-week "work" trip drumming up stories. Andrew is a fantastic journalist; one of his stories from this trip will be coming out in Italy Magazine. He will be pitching several more articles to other travel sites and publications. 

In addition to his travel writing, Andrew has a new book out. Pasta Mike, a story of friendship and loss. Losing your best friend is not easy. In our conversation on this podcast, you can hear in Andrew's voice the pain he's still going through. 

Friendship never dies, and Pasta Mike is a reminder of how important it is to have people in your life who you love, trust, depend on, and yes, even say goodbye to even if you aren't ready to. 

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