Total Tuscany Episode 81: Getting Your Italian Citizenship

As human beings, it’s only natural to be curious about where we came from. The United States is a nation of immigrants as people from different countries and cultures founded the nation. In fact, Between 1882 and 1954, an estimated 12-million immigrants went through the immigration portal at Ellis Island. 


According to the Library of Congress, more than four million Italians immigrated to the United States by the 1920s. Are you ready for this? That represented more than 10-percent of the foreign-born population in the United States at the time. 


Unfortunately, a lot of family connections were lost in the moving process over time. Names changed to sound more American. Families separated far and wide across the country to make a better life for themselves and live the American dream. As a result, a connection to family and culture was not as prevalent in the states as in the homeland. 


Thanks to DNA tests like 23 & Me and services like, it’s easier to pinpoint our heritage and trace our family tree back hundreds of years. 


Nick Gibilisco wanted to take it a step further. Not only did he want to know more about his ancestors and where they come from (more so than stories passed down by his father and grandfather), he wants fully connect by becoming an Italian citizen. Not just for him, but his three children as well. 


The process was long, tedious, and sometimes frustrating. However, today Nick holds dual citizenship in the United States and Italy and has his Italian passport. What he learned along the way gives him a renewed sense of pride about his heritage and a closer connection to his family going back several generations in Carlentini, Sicily. 


As Nick was going through getting his Italian citizenship, he met others who wanted to do the same things. He helped them. And then he helped another, and another, and another. Nick didn’t take long to figure out he provides a unique service, so he started a company. In true Italian fashion, it’s called, I know A Guy: Citizenship and Geneology Research. 


After listening to this podcast episode, you too will know a guy who can help you down the path of dual citizenship or find out if you even qualify. 


NIck does not have a website, but he does have Facebook Page and Instagram Page, and you can email him directly to find out more about his services and the processes involved,

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