Total Tuscany Episode 82: Italy’s Finest

Italy attracts all kinds of travelers. Those who visit on a fixed budget. Those who vacation and spare no expense.  And those who fall somewhere in the middle. 

Imagine if you will that you have unlimited funds and you could do and buy whatever you want in Tuscany. Sounds like a dream, right? As you are about to hear in this edition of the Total Tuscany Podcast, dreams do come true!

The dream maker is Filippo Gargani, owner of Italy’s Finest and Tuscan Villas.  Italy’s Finest is a 20 years old boutique DMC, event planner, and travel designer strategically based in Florence,  Italy. From gender reveal celebrations to corporate retreats, Filippo and his team have planned some of the most extraordinary events. 

In addition to event and travel planning, Filippo also operates If you are a regular listener to the Total Tuscany Podcast, you know that we are proponents of renting a villa and enjoying all the Tuscan countryside has to offer. Villas are once again in high demand and if you want one you are going to have to wait. 2023 is the earliest you can grab one and those are filling up fast! 

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